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Debut of the Koston 1

The Koston

Eric Koston's first pro skate shoe.

Koston 1

1997 Year in Review:

Upcoming Brazilian vert skater extraordinaire Bob Burnquist is Thrasher's Skater of the Year.

Bob Burnquist, massive blunt.Bob Burnquist, massive blunt

Bob Burnquist nosegrind.Bob Burnquist nosegrind.

Bob Burnquist, éS Down Under Promo

Bob Burnquist "Interface" (1997).

The éS Spring line adds Eric Koston's first-ever pro model skate shoe, the Koston (the first-ever pro model with an air system, plus an exposed polyurethane midsole), plus the Clarion, the Diva, the Slint, the SLB '97, the Sonata and the Zel.

éS Introduces the Koston 1éS Introduces the Koston 1.

A young skater living on the streets, Muska will go on to leave a permanent footprint in the skateboarding landscape. From living on his own at age 16 to building his own empire, Muska and his many-faceted talents are first recognized by éS.

Chad Muska, October TransWorld cover, frontside lipslide.Bigger please!

Tom Penny, nollie 360.Tom Penny, nollie 360.

Skateboarding is amazed by Paul Sharpe and his ability jump onto or over anything in his path.

Paul Sharpe, bank to 50-50.Bigger please!

Paul Sharpe, Smith grind.Bigger please!

Paul Sharpe, September TransWorld cover, massive Ollie.Bigger please!

Sal Barbier, tailslide.Bigger please!

1997 Headlines
  • The Simpsons surpasses The Flintstones as the longest-running prime-time animated series.
  • Thirty-nine bodies are found in the Heaven's Gate cult suicide.
  • A Pegasus rocket carries the remains of 24 people into Earth orbit for the first-ever space burial.
  • NASA's Pathfinder space probe lands on the surface of Mars.
  • Mayo Clinic researchers warn that the dieting drug Fen-Phen can cause severe heart and lung damage.
  • 185,000 Teamsters Union United Parcel Service drivers go on strike.
  • Diana, Princess of Wales dies in a car crash.
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1997 éS Coverage
New shoes: 1997

The Fall line adds Chad Muska's first-ever pro model skate shoe, the Muska (the first-ever skate shoe with rubber lace loops and an innovative stash pocket hidden in the tongue), plus the Ezio and the Intra.

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