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15 Years of Skateboarding

1995 - 2010

Join éS as we look back on 2010 and the past 15 years.

Square Two Atiba Jefferson colorway.

2010 Year in Review:

15 Years SkatedJapan’s Sonik Distribution presents 15 Years Skated

Pierre André Senizergues, founder and owner of éS, with our distributor from Japan.Pierre André Senizergues, founder and owner of éS, with our distributor from Japan.

Pierre André Senizergues, founder and owner of éSSneaker Freaker interview

éS celebrates 15 Years Skated with Japan’s Sonik Distribution at Harajuku Cafe in Tokyo and launches a new vastly expanded timeline with an ad and video archive. éS owner Pierre Andre gives Sneaker Freaker the lowdown on the brand’s 15 years.

Terpening & McDonaldTerpening & McDonald

éS welcomes Kevin Terpening and Jimmy McDonald to the team. Kevin is a solid dude and we are happy to have him around. He has something about him that makes you think he's been skating since the early ’80s. Jimmy is a modest, focused, humble, bearded man, oozing with skateboarding talent. It's an honor to have them on board look for more in 2011.

The éS team tours their asses off in 2010, including trips to Denver, Arizona (view the video), and Austin, Texas, parts one, two, three, four and five (view the video).

To Europe With Love Tour

To Europe With Love flyerTo Europe With Love

To Europe With Love commercial
To Europe With Love commercial
To Europe With Love - part one
To Europe With Love - part two
To Europe With Love - part three

The éS team goes To Europe With Love from May 30 - June 12, visiting skateparks in the United Kingdom, France and Spain to tear them to pieces:

To Europe With Love coverage
South By Southeast Tour

éS South By Southeast Tour posteréS South By Southeast Tour poster

éS South By Southeast Tour.

The éS team follows that up with a jaunt through the Dirty South from August 7-21 on the South By Southeast Tour:

South By Southeast Tour coverage
éS Tour After Tour

éS Tour After Tour posteréS Tour After Tour poster

Right after that, the éS team is back at it again from September 6-18 on the éS Tour After Tour to the Northeast:

éS Tour After Tour coverage

éS posts video from 2009's éSpanol Tour, parts one, two and three.

Alexis Sablone: kickflip X Games 16.Alexis Sablone: kickflip X Games 16

Felipe Gustavo Maloof Money Cup Am contest.Bigger please!

In the contest arena, Alexis Sablone wins a gold medal at X Games 16 in Los Angeles, California; and Felipe Gustavo skates his way to a huge victory at the Maloof Money Cup Am contest in Queens, New York.

Beauty and the Beast 2.Rick McCrank in Beauty and the Beast 2.

The éS team racks up a crazy amount of coverage throughout the year! Rick McCrank appears in Beauty and the Beast 2, scores an interview in Caught in the Crossfire, shows off his worldly possessions and knows pivots to fakies.

éS celebrates 10 Years with Rodrigo TX.Bigger please!

Rodrigo Tx. releases a banging part in LRG’s first full-length video, Give Me My Money Chico, lands a Gold Wheels commercial, runs through 10 Years + 10 Questions with éS, sits down for a chat with Kenny Bloggins, and completes another interview with The Skateboard Mag. Justin Eldridge blasts a Crailtap Clip, while Cale Nuske does the same for Picture Wheels. Javier Sarmiento joins SK8MAFIA and gets a video retrospective, while Bobby Worrest gets interviewed about Krooked.

John Rattray & former éS ripper Silas Baxter-Neal adorn the cover of Color Magazine.Bigger please!

John Rattray Sidewalk Magazine.Bigger please!

John Rattray scores the covers of Color and Sidewalk mags, a "Words of Wisdom" in Kingpin issue 76, an éS Behind the Ad interview, and an Elwood Artist Reel. He also plays the role of a news anchor in a trailer for EA Skate 3, launches The Predatory Bird, and goes on the Zero Southeast tour.

Mike Anderson stacking coverage and turning pro.Mike Anderson stacking coverage and turning pro.

Krooked releases Mike Anderson's first pro modelKrooked releases Mike Anderson's first pro model.

Mike Anderson turns pro, claims the cover and interview in the March issue of Skateboarder, an interview in TransWorld Skateboarding the same month, and a New Jack in the June issue of The Skateboard Mag--and don't forget about his éS Behind the Ad interview. In video land, he lands a Matix clip and a Fuel TV commercial.

Kelly Hart lands an interview on ESPN, and TransWorld Skateboarding posts his full-part from LRG's Give Me My Money Chico video, while Kevin Terpening gets a Contenders and a Mag Minute in The Skateboard Mag.

Kellen does Eazy for Gold WheelsBigger please!

Jimmy McDonald gets questioned on ESPN, while Ben Raemers gets the same treatment from Scuba Steve and Thrasher’s Firing Line. He also appears in the Tiltmode zine and shows you some new tricks. Last but not least, Kellen James does a Gold Wheels commercial, Tony Karr gets Checked Out by TransWorld Skateboarding and lands a Who’s Hot in Skateboarder, and Kevin Romar gets cornered by ESPN.

Machotaildrop: Roll With The Gods!Machotaildrop: Roll With The Gods!


Rick McCrank in Machotaildrop.Bigger please!

Rick McCracnk and John Rattray appear in Machotaildrop, a fantastical adventure-comedy movie in which skateboarding is not a trivial pastime, but a noble pursuit of the highest cultural recognition. In this strangely beautiful world, professional skateboarders live like knights in baroque castles, the halfpipe is their jousting arena, and concrete streets the forums for their Machiavellian tricks. The movie racks up a bunch of coverage:

Machotaildrop coverage
éS Footwear
éS introduces the Square 2

Introducing the Square Two, great for tech tricks, great for gnarly tricks, great for swinging clubs, great for running in weird places, great for moving Atiba's flashes, great for kickflips and much more.

Square Two Kellen James + SK8MAFIASquare Two Kellen James + SK8MAFIA.

éS, Kellen James, & SK8MAFIA team up.

And here's the Square Two Kellen James + SK8MAFIA colorway, featuring clean sidewalls and a one-piece toe cap to provide a new take on the vulcanized team favorite. Broken in right out of the box.

Square Two Atiba Jefferson + 15 years of éSSquare Two Atiba Jefferson + 15 years of éS.

15 years of éS Atiba Jefferson Square Two colorway and book.

éS and Atiba Jefferson team up for a special collab colorway of the Square Two that comes with an Atiba photo book celebrating 15 years of éS. Check out a clip from the party.

15 years of éS Atiba Book available for the iPad15 years of éS Atiba Book available for the iPad

2010 Product
2010 Headlines
  • The tallest man-made building to date, the 2,717 foot Burj Khalifa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is officially opened.
  • A 7.0-magnitude earthquake occurs in Haiti, devastating the nation's capital, Port-au-Prince, with a confirmed death toll over 230,000.
  • An 8.8-magnitude earthquake occurs in Chile, triggering a tsunami over the Pacific Ocean and killing 497. The earthquake is one of the largest in recorded history.
  • The Deepwater Horizon oil platform explodes in the Gulf of Mexico, killing 11 workers. The resulting oil spill, one of the largest in history, spreads for several months, damaging the Gulf and the United States coastline.
  • Protests in Bangkok, Thailand end with a bloody military crackdown, killing 91 and injuring more than 2,100.
  • Thirty-three miners near Copiapó, Chile, trapped 700 metres underground in a mining accident in San José Mine, are brought back to the surface after surviving for a record 69 days.
  • A stampede during Bon Om Thook (Khmer Water Festival) celebrations in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, kills 347.
  • Wikileaks, an online publisher of anonymous, covert, and classified material, leaks to the public a collection of more than 250,000 American diplomatic cables, including 100,000 marked "secret" or "confidential."
  • NASA announces the discovery of a new arsenic-based life form in California, in sharp contrast to all other life on Earth, which is carbon-based.
2010 Ad archive
New shoes: 2010

The éS Spring 2010 line adds Rick McCrank's umpteenth pro model shoe, the McCrank, and Bobby Worrest's First Blood Mid, plus the éS One, Paxton and Slant. The Fall line adds the Accel 3G, Accel 3G Hi, Duran, Saga, Square Two and Taido. The Holiday line adds the Holbrook Lo, La Brea and Swerve.

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