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Welcome, Arto Saari

Koston 2

Eric Koston's second pro shoe the Koston 2

Koston 2

10 Years of éS with Rodrigo Tx.

1999 Year in Review:

Arto Saari joins the éS team. At this point, Arto has made a great impact in his native Finland and is only beginning to gain notoriety in the U.S. He will go on to amaze everyone who sees his video parts, and become an integral part of the éS family.

Arto Saari, Kickflip Backside LipslideArto Saari, kickflip backside lipslide.

Introducing Arto Saari Commercial

Arto Saari, Wheels of Fortune, 411VM 32.

Tony Evjenth becomes the first éS Team Manager. Tony’s ever-evolving comedy antics and casual management style bring a new influence to the éS team and add a structure it had been lacking.

Eric Koston, Rick McCrank, Bob Burnquist and Kerry Getz embark on the éS Brazil Tour.

Eric Koston - Nollie Krooked GrindEric Koston, nollie crooked grind.

Rick McCrank, kickflip.Rick McCrank, 50-50 kickflip.

Bob Burnquist is named one of Rolling Stone's Athletes of the Year.

Bob Burnquist threads the needle through the rafters.Bigger please!

Bob Burnquist, Rolling Stone's Athlete of the Year, 1999Bigger please!

Eric Koston, switch tailslide, TransWorld Skateboarding, January 1999.Bigger please!

Rick McCrank, 5-0, 1999Bigger please!

éS Enjoys Skateboarding

Bob enjoys skateboardingBob enjoys skateboarding.

Eric enjoys skateboardingEric enjoys skateboarding.

Ronnie enjoys skateboardingRonnie enjoys skateboarding.

1999 éS Video Commercials


Mr Oizo

Eric Koston Thai Security

Menikmati Coming Soon

1999 Product
1999 Headlines
  • The world shudders at the approach of Y2K.
  • The human population of the world surpasses six billion.
  • White supremacist John William King is found guilty of kidnapping and killing African American James Byrd Jr. by dragging him behind a truck for two miles.
  • Dr. Jack Kevorkian is found guilty of second-degree murder for administering a lethal injection to a terminally ill man.
  • Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold kill 12 students, one teacher and themselves in the Columbine High School Massacre.
  • John F. Kennedy Jr. dies in an airplane crash.
  • A 7.4-magnitude earthquake strikes northwestern Turkey, killing more than 17,000 and injuring 44,000.
  • The first major mobilization of the anti-globalization movement catches police unprepared in the Battle of Seattle and forces the cancellation of the opening ceremonies of the WTO Meeting.
  • Former Beatle George Harrison is stabbed several times in the chest.
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1999 éS Coverage
New shoes: 1999

The éS Spring line adds the Symbol and the Vireo. The Fall line adds Eric Koston's second pro model shoe, the Koston 2, plus the Eperon, the Sabre and the Sword. The Holiday line adds Bob Burnquist's first-ever pro model skate shoe, the Burnquist.

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