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The K3

éS introduces Eric Koston's third shoe the K3.


2000 Year in Review:

éS Footwear premieres its heavily anticipated Menikmati video to wide public acclaim. The arrival of Menikmati inspires a new movement of shoe company skate videos into an arena that had previously been dominated in large part by hardgoods manufacturers.

éS Footwear presents Menikmati.view entire photo

New Brazilian import Rodrigo Tx. finds his way onto the éS team by way of Bob Burnquist. Rodrigo will go on to amaze everyone with his uncanny switch skating ability and his penchant for combining tricks in a way that no one thought possible.

An introductory Kickflip Noseslide, 2000Rodrigo Tx. pushes a kickflip noseslide into the shadows.

Rodrigo Tx., 2000.view entire photo

Eric Koston threepeats contest wins at the Globe World Contest in Dortmund, Germany; X Games in San Francisco, California and Gravity Games in Providence, Rhode Island.

Eric Koston, 2000.view entire photo

Switch Heelflip, 2000Eric Koston flicks a switch heelflip down Medchoice.

Eric Koston frontside noseslide, 2000Eric Koston, huge hubba frontside noseslide.

Nollie Krooked Grind, 2000Eric Koston with a casual nollie crooks.

Arto Saari, crooked grind, 2000Arto Saari, halfcab crooked grind.

Switch Lipslide, Arto SaariArto Saari welcomes the night with a switch lipslide.

Transworld Magazine Covers

Rick McCrank, TransWorld Skateboarding, February 2000.view entire photo

Bob Burnquist, TransWorld Skateboarding, June 2000.view entire photo

Eric Koston, TransWorld Skateboarding, November 2000.view entire photo

2000 éS Video Commercials

Introducing The K3

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New shoes: 2000

The éS Spring line adds the Cyber, the Diode and the Scheme. The Fall line adds the Eclipse, the Logic, the Pulsar and the Vega. The Holiday line adds Eric Koston's third pro model skate shoe, the K3.

éS introduces Tri-Tek™, a completely new kind of Ollie protection developed from EVA, rubber crystals and phylon, which grips like rubber without wearing down quickly or destroying grip tape, on the Cyber and the Diode models.

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